For thousands of years, an alien race called the 'Teur climbed a mountain called Tchacata to use an ancient, secret device. No one besides the 'Teur knew what its purpose was, but decades ago, when the 'Teur attempted to remove the device from the mountain, they claimed that they could use it to destroy all of humanity. They failed, and were banished from the underground passages between worlds so that they could never endanger humans or any other lifeforms again.

The 'Teur are about to return, and earth is about to be betrayed by the Benson Research Institute, once its only hope for protection against alien invaders. Now, the survival of humanity depends on three ex-BRI renegades - Maggie Verger, Eric Blake, and Lilun Baghret - whose plans to dismantle their organization's plans have turned into a frantic race for dear life in the wake of interplanetary war and the ousting of the BRI's darkest secrets.

Recommended for mature readers only. Violence, language, descriptions of gore and other elements that people might find upsetting. There is mention of rape and assault on women. THERE IS A STRONG ELEMENT OF BODY HORROR. Please sit this one out if any of these things might bother you.

The Tchacata Machine is written by these two dorks.